A little introduction


Hello, I'm Sophie, a Devon-based artist and designer inspired by nature. With a deep love for the flora and fauna of Britain, I specialize in painting local species using the versatile medium of gouache.

Whether I'm beachcombing along the coastline, foraging for wild food, or exploring the wonders of rock pools, I'm constantly immersed in the beauty and diversity of the outdoors. Each discovery fuels my creativity and finds its way into my designs.

Where it all began


From childhood I have always felt fascinated by the plants and animals which surround us. I spent hours wading bare foot through the shallows, following darting fish through the seaweed. Or identifying mushrooms hiding beneath the leaf litter in local woodlands. Or, catching frogs, newts and sticklebacks from the stream in the valley where I grew up. Although I've grown a lot since then, the natural world still strikes we with complete awe and wonder. The more I explore, the more I realise just how much there is to learn.

what it's all about

My Mission

Through my artwork, I aim to not only celebrate the richness of British wildlife but also to inspire others to connect with and appreciate the natural world. From the delicate petals of wildflowers to the intricate spirals inside my favourite seashells, my paintings invite viewers to explore and cherish the wonders of nature. 

Whether you're a fellow nature enthusiast, an art lover, or simply seeking inspiration, I hope my creations bring you joy and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Thanks for being a part of the journey!

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